3 Decades of Dedication

Leader In World Class Architectural Model Making

RJ Models specializes in making architectural models for top class architectural designers and developers worldwide.

Founded by Ray Cheung in 1995, Hong Kong. Since then, Ray and the team strive to build the world's highest quality architectural models with the highest efficiency and achieved high reputation in the field.

RJM have built models for numerous landmark sites around the world, be it for real estates, competition bidding, urban master-planning or for museum display.

The experience and expertise of RJM in global model delivery and installation is second to none in this industry.

To date RJM have delivered and installed models in over 70 countries. The trust from clients let them be one of the largest architectural model-making company in the world.

29Years of intensive cultivation
RJ Models is a world renowned A-list architectural model making company, founded in 1995.
RJ Models has an extensive team of multinational and experienced shipping professionals in place with tight deadlines.
556Hong Kong based employees
Our architectural model makers possess a broad range of experience, with a high reputation for being specialists within our industry.
With over 1000 models being created every year, we thrive on maintaining consistency of delivering high quality architectural models.